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Jepara, the biggest furniture supplier in Indonesia

The city of Jepara is the Furniture Supplier of Indonesia. It has been known for centuries to be the Capital city of sculpted, carving, and wooden furniture in Indonesia. The wood industry in this city employs nearly 100.000 people, working in a large number of mainly small furniture workshops. Those local artisan furniture suppliers are the biggest strength and the heart of Jepara, Indonesia. The city is also famous in Indonesia for being the birthplace of Kartini. Even given a public name day, she’s a pioneer in the area of women’s rights for Indonesians. She’s a local heroin, as she triggered wood artists to create products according to the furniture market. Becoming bigger effective suppliers, the Jeparians were able to expand their businesses.

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Pijar Sukma resides in this picturesque furniture city in Indonesia, filled with furniture suppliers. Since its establishment, it continues to grow by combining the local crafskills and French Management. By manufacturing nearly all materials in house and employing numerous QC employees, there is a strong control on quality and consistency. Moreover, the Research and Development department is able to deliver new trendy collections every year. As a result, there is an enormous collection of products to choose from. At the present time, these collections cover all famous furniture periods in French history

Furniture Supplier Indonesia

Growing in Harmony

Growing in harmony” is the vision and the ethic of Pijar Sukma. To put it differently, we cherish and embrace the two main qualities that the city offers: The freedom and care for human rights as well as the development of local artist suppliers. Pijar Sukma drives and thrives on these pillars. We are a reliable supplier of French Classic Furniture in Indonesia. Our enormous collection consists of furniture from all French furniture periods, including custom-made designs and our most popular Shabby Chic style. Combining our talented Indonesian workers and thorough quality control, we are able to supply the best furniture quality for the best price. Our huge factory capacity allows us to meet even the biggest of demands.

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