Quality Department

One of the keys of our success is the attractive ratio we offer to our partners between affordable prices and high quality furniture. On this page, we will explain how we are able to produce such quality products in our price range.

Flying QC’s

All day, a team of 8 flying QC’s rides around the town of Jepara on their motorbikes. They visit all our suppliers and control 100% of our items, one by one. Indeed, we know that the quality department must be organized, structured, and efficient in order to ensure that all of our items leave our factory with our quality standard. For this reason, we invest a significant portion of our budget in human resources and finances with regards to quality. To explain more clearly, see our organization concerning quality below.

Generally, our QC employees control the quality of the production, by focusing on the following aspects.

  1. The construction method: The products are checked in terms of size, stability and design.
  2. The moisture content or MC: They make sure the furniture has a low humidity rate to avoid the possibility of future cracking.
  3. The neatness: QC sees to it that all products look neat and consistent.
  4. The materials: Also, the QC checks if the products contain the right materials.

Once approved, the supplier may deliver the order to our reception area at the entrance of our finishing factory.

Reception Area

4 QC employees are in charge of extremely thorough checking 20% of the goods sent per category of product, including opening knock-down parts.  Of course, they also have a good look at the rest of the order. In general, this QC is highly structured in order to be both swift and thorough. As a result, we prevent divergent products to enter the factory at a better rate than ever before.
After checking, the products are ready to enter our factory for the next process.

3 quality control employees thoroughly check the products at the reception.
QC check products for their construction, moisture content, neatness and materials.

In our factory

Once in our finishing factory, products can go through 10 different departments before arriving at the  final QC department, right before packing (from the treatment department until the accessories department). In each department, an average of 4 QC checkers, wearing green shirts, are in charge of controlling all items and giving approval for each item to move to the next department.

In the final QC department, all products are checked before packing.
Final QC

Final quality control department

3 QC's check products for inconsistencies.
3 final QC employees

A team of 11 checkers check 100% of the items. One QC manager oversees the final checking process. This department checks 100% of the products before sending them to the packing area.

Lastly, we also dedicate a space of 42 m2  for outside inspectors.