Quality Department

One of the key of our success is the very good ratio we offer to our partners between good (or affordabe) prices and a very good quality of furniture and finishing.

A TEAM OF 8 FLYING QCs ride their motorbikes everyday around the town of Jepara. They visit 100% of our suppliers and control 100% of our items one by one. Indeed, we know that the quality department is the one that must be organized, structured, and efficient in order to ensure that all of our items leave our factory with our quality standard. That is the reason why huge investment in human resources and financial are given in this area monthly and yearly. To explain more clearly, below is our organization.

Their role is to control the production, the process and the planning of course the quality of every item. Concerning the quality, they are more particular focus on:

  1. The construction method
  2. The moisture content or MC or make sure of low humidity rate and avoid future cracking
  3. The stability of the products
  4. The size of the products

Once it has been approved by Flying QC, the supplier is allowed to deliver the order to our reception area at the entrance of our finishing factory.


AT RECEPTION AREA, 4 QCs are in charge of processing some random checking for 20% of the goods sent per category of product. Of course, they will also have a quick look on the rest of the order to make sure it can enter our factory for the next process.

2015-01-22 16.20.25_resize


IN OUR FACTORY, it will go through 7 different departments before arriving to FINAL QC DEPARTMENT just right before packing (from Treatment department until Top Coat department). In each department, an average of 4 QC checkers (dressed in green as picture) are in charge to control all items and giving approval for 1 item goes to the next department.

QC final


AT FINAL QC DEPARTMENT, a team of 9 checkers check 100% of the items. One QC manager department will supervise, control and manage the final checking process. They will make sure that 100% of the products are checked before arriving in packing area. We also dedicate a space of 25 m2  for outside inspectors to come.

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