Our Partnerships

Since 2008, Pijar Sukma decided to promote its furniture collections in the global market by participating in Singapore IFFS. Our new partners and network of distributors continue to increase in recent years.

Today, all teams are proud to see our furniture products being sent to our partners in many countries from each continent.

Meanwhile, our historical partnership with our French partners keeps growing. In fact this relationship is still one of the main sources of development for the company. As we grow, the proportion of their volume is very sustainable and up to 20% of our total production. This large amount of containers is mainly sent to France, but also to Spain and Italy where our partners have total exclusivity.

Global Distribution

Below, you will find the repartition of the distribution of our production in 2014

b1 b2 b3
Exclusivity Open Waiting for New Distributor
(Contract signed with 1 partner) (We have distributors, but new partners are welcome)

OUR EXCLUSIVITY POLICY allows each partner to be 100% confident to be  unique on its own territory. Indeed, being able to add more than 20 collections a year, allows us to strictly control the supply to each partner. Similarly, we make sure that each delivered collection to partners in the same territory are significantly different.

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