Growing In Harmony

PIJAR SUKMA, which translates to "spark of the soul" in Bahasa Indonesia, is based on a multitude of values that our teams wholeheartedly share. Through this, we've created a vision that is close to our hearts and incorporates ethics, values, ideas, and initiatives that we want to instill throughout our environment.

We firmly believe that the success of any group or structure is only achievable through the development of each individual involved. It's a belief that we uphold daily and strive to convey to everyone in our environment. That's why we're committed to taking action in four areas:

OUR ENVIRONMENT - We are firmly committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint. That is why we pledge to use only 100% legal and traceable wood, and provide VLegal documents for every shipment. Furthermore, we conduct yearly audits to obtain certifications such as SVLK and COC (Chain of Custody), which ensures that our products are sourced from sustainable origins. Additionally, we have our own laboratory exclusively dedicated to developing environmentally friendly water-based finishing processes. By prioritizing sustainability and adopting environmentally responsible practices, we strive to make a positive impact on the world around us, aligning with our values and ethical principles.

OUR SUPPLIERS - We provide no-interest loans to help our small artisan suppliers improve their workshops, and we listen to them whenever we can offer assistance. Supporting our suppliers is a value we always hold dear.

OUR EMPLOYEES - We value the individuality of each of our employees. This creates a cohesive group of people who share the same goals. We are committed to creating a safe and healthy workplace that fosters personal and professional growth for our employees.

The well-being of our employees is demonstrated by regular social audits under the SMETA framework, which measures labor standards, health and safety, and environmental performance. Through these audits, we ensure that our employees are treated fairly, provided with adequate working conditions, and compensated appropriately for their efforts.

OUR CUSTOMERS - We see our customers as partners and aim to offer them everything we can: creativity, innovation, and high-quality products.

GROWING IN HARMONY is a daily goal for me. Every action and decision I make is taken with care and consideration. Finding a balance of harmony is crucial to me, and I hope that it will become our shared goal. As a furniture manufacturer in Indonesia, we are committed to creating a harmonious environment that benefits everyone involved.


Sylvie Fleury - Director

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