A Story of Passion, Partnership, and Growth

In 1997, Sylvie Fleury was captivated by the quality of Indonesian furniture during a furniture fair. She was struck by the expertise of the artisanal workforce, which is the heart and soul of Indonesian furniture manufacturing. This experience inspired her to move to Jepara, leaving her home in France, and forge a partnership with one of the biggest decorative item wholesalers in France. This partnership was founded on values of honesty, respect, and success, and it continues to fuel PIJAR SUKMA to this day.

In 1998, Sylvie encountered some challenges while working as an agent for her French partners, including issues with local suppliers. This led her to establish her own factory so that she could oversee and control the entire production process.

The year 1999 marked the birth of PIJAR SUKMA, which translates to "SPARK of the SOUL". The company started as a small furniture factory in Bandengan, Jepara, with only 2000 square meters of land. However, within a few years, with the support of the French wholesaler, the production of classic painted items increased dramatically, reaching over 100HC in 2003.

In 2006, PIJAR SUKMA moved to a new factory in Desa Kecapi, Jepara, with an impressive 10,000 square meters dedicated to the finishing process and 6,000 square meters for storage. Two years later, the company participated in the Singapore Exhibition, IFFS, marking its entrance into the global market.

PIJAR SUKMA continued to grow, reaching new heights in production and partnership. By 2014, the company had over 700 workers in production and 60 staff, delivering an unprecedented 300HC in a year. PIJAR SUKMA established a strong and sustainable partnership worldwide, serving customers in every continent.

In 2016, PIJAR SUKMA participated in two international furniture expos in Indonesia and China. Finally, in 2018, the company built a new construction factory with 4000 square meters of land, ensuring high-quality and mass-produced wood furniture for its customers.

In 2017, recognizing the need to offer more trendy designs and meet the evolving needs and styles of customers worldwide, PIJAR SUKMA took a bold step and created its own brand, VOILA PARIS. This decision was fueled by the increasing demand from partners for original designs and a desire to be an avant-garde force of proposition with its own team of designers.

Looking ahead to the end of the Covid pandemic in 2022, PIJAR SUKMA remains committed to growth and innovation. To meet the challenge of a growing market and online distribution, the company has created a new catalogue and collection with a focus on smart packing, knockdown construction items, and affordable prices. The 2023 PIJAR SUKMA catalogue is poised to continue the company's tradition of excellence in the furniture manufacturing industry.

As a furniture manufacturer in Indonesia, PIJAR SUKMA has grown from humble beginnings into a global player, driven by passion, partnership, and growth.

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