Furniture Supplier Jepara

Pijar Sukma is a furniture supplier in Jepara. We have a huge selection of product categories of international quality. Local professional carpenters and artisans account for more than 75% of our production. We’ve selected and trained them carefully to meet PIJAR SUKMA’s quality standards. We have great devotion to Quality Control, which requires 10% of our workers. For this reason, we can assure that 100% of sent products comply with what we envision.

Furthermore, we invest in our local suppliers, for it is our vision to ‘Grow in harmony’. These furniture suppliers that work exclusively for us, are the cornerstone of our production in Jepara. For almost 20 years, we’ve been making all products by HAND, from construction until the finishing process.

We have a wide range of products categories of CLASSIC indoor furniture. The main ones are BEDROOM furniture, LIVINGROOM furniture, DININGROOM furniture and UPHOLSTERY furniture. All materials are created from solid/hard wood like BAYUR and MAHOGANY for our chairs. In addition, we import MDF from Malaysia. Of course, the wood is SVLK certified by our government. We also have all other certificates for export and special materials like; UKFR for upholstery, V-Legal, FLEGT, Lead Paint, and Reach. Many different auditors from BV to Intertek check our factory every year.

Feel free to contact Pijar Sukma for any inquiries.

A female painter working for Pijar Sukma, a furniture supplier in Jepara
A skilled painter at work