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The style of our indoor furniture

Since our establishment, we have been committed to the production of Indoor Classic furniture in Jepara. French blood runs through the veins of both management and the biggest partners. So it was a no-brainer to embrace our culture and inheritance: The French Classic style.

Classic furniture is an artwork that can be done only by hand and only by experts. This especially holds for French design, with all its detailed carvings, sculpture and “finesse”. During the Renaissance, France also revived its furniture design. The Roman and Greek antiquities inspired artisans to create deeply carved designs. The finesse of this French classic style reflects the joie de vivre the French like to apply in all aspects in life.

The perfect place Jepara

We decided to move to the best best place on earth for meeting the above mentioned requirements. This is without a doubt Jepara. For centuries, this city has been thriving on the incredible knowledge of wood. For this reason, people widely recognize Jepara as “Kota Ukir”, meaning the city of sculpture. As it turned out, French classic style and Indonesian craftsmanship sparked a successful cooperation. Pijar Sukma grew to a big company, finding Classic French style loving artisans along the way. This is how the production of French indoor furniture came about in Jepara.

Pijar Sukma’s indoor furniture collections feature both exceptional reproductions and modern adaptations of Classical designs. Specifically, we offer dining chairs, tables, bedroom settings, writing desks and storage units among others.

Know your options

Here, you can read more about the implications of buying furniture from Indonesia. If you choose to work with us, there are several cooperative options for you to choose. You can either order models directly from our huge catalogue of indoor furniture (±20 new collections per year).  Alternatively, you can choose to submit YOUR design for production. In that case, we will ask just 25 pieces MOQ per new development. For more information, we are ready to answer your questions.

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