Best Prices

Pricing strategy

At Pijar Sukma, we understand the importance of competitive pricing. We know that all our partners in the global market face high territorial competition. Since our establishment, we continue to strive to offer high value for competitive prices.

Pijar Sukma’s market position is well defined. Therefore, both our suppliers and buying partners understand our positioning. With great consideration, we want to make sure that everybody wins in this partnership. Our strategy consists of making mass production of unique high quality handmade furniture with the lowest margins possible.

Price policy

To demonstrate, we budget our price policy with respect to mass production forecast (7HC a week). We make this pricing possible by controlling all costs and optimizing our productivity. Specifically, we do this through investment in our local suppliers, human resources and machines. Furthermore, we do continuous research to create new finishing methods and new production processes. We always keep an eye on the market and source the best materials and suppliers.

Value for money

Cost control and good pricing happens through personal work in Pijar Sukma. We rather use our own energy to innovate and invest than to push hard on our suppliers’ selling prices. Growing in harmony is a project where everybody wins. Only then are fruitful long-term partnerships possible. We aim to only pay for value adding processes wherever in the supply chain. As a result, our customers receive the value furniture for money they deserve.