Growing in Harmony

PIJAR SUKMA in Bahasa Indonesia literally means ‘spark of the soul’. We are based on numerous values and all our teams share these ideas. In this sense, we have created a vision close to our heart and bring to all of us ethics, values, ideas and initiatives that we wish to bring to our entire environment.

We believe that the success of a structure or a group can only be achieved through the development of each person involved. This is an idea that we pursue every day and that we want to convey to each of our environment. Therefore, we are committed towards putting our words into action in these 4 fields:

OUR ENVIRONMENT – A strong partnership with Trees 4 Trees movement is growing year by year. We want to maintain our local goal together: planting more trees than needed for our furniture. We have planted more than 114.000 trees since the end of 2014.

OUR SUPPLIER – Helping out our small artisan suppliers where we can with no interest loans to improve their workshops as well as listening to them on any matter we can help is a value that we always want to keep.

OUR EMPLOYEES – We value every single employee we have in their individuality. This leads into a cohesive group who all share the same goals.

OUR CUSTOMERS – As our partners we wish to offer everything we can: creativity, innovation, and products quality.

GROWING IN HARMONY is for me, a daily goal, where every action and every decision has to be taken in conscience. Finding that balance of harmony is very important for me, and I wish it will become our common goal.

Sylvie Fleury – Director

TTD bu Silvie