Creation and Innovation

Do you want to know how we offer that enormous catalogue of high value furniture and yearly add 20 new collections?  Research & Development is a fundamental part of our process since we understand that you have the following needs:


  • Staying updated with the TRENDS
  • The design, the taste and the needs which are different from one country or culture to another
  • The need for speed to market, when making a new sample or a new collection
  • The desire to have a unique product range
  • The necessity of adaptation to meet each partner’s request
  • By understanding these points, we create the best possible high quality and continue to add value to your products.

In other words, the development of new collections and new finishes is a daily focus for our team. Your Shabby Chic supplier Pijar Sukma will always be attentive to the needs of our partners. Specifically, we continually improve techniques and innovations that increase our productivity, our quality, our packaging etc.

R&D of PIJAR SUKMA in 2016


  • Over 500 new models
  • New Innovative finishes: +25
  • More than 20 new collections
  • New finishing techniques; inlay / concrete / marquetry
A skilled artisan works on a sample in the Research & Development department

Our R&D department is driven to create high value furniture.
It continues to create smart innovative techniques to meet your needs.