Our Factory

Pijar Sukma Indoor Furniture Factory in Jepara

2016: We are proud to announce that our furniture factory in Jepara has reached a new yearly milestone. For the first time, we delivered 300 high-cube containers around the globe, with an average production of 6 a week. Do you want to know how did this? In short, we will show you how we are capable of reaching that throughput.


By all means, Pijar Sukma is a finishing factory of classic handmade decorative furniture, located in the heart of Jepara. This city is not only known for its skilled wood carvers, but also for its strong knowledge of furniture construction.

30 Artisanal and exclusive suppliers in the area of Jepara :

Local artisans deliver furniture to the finishing factory. In fact, suppliers are carefully selected for their special skills. At the same time, we commit to grow in harmony.
Local suppliers deliver furniture to the finishing factory

For this reason, we have the advantage to be supplied by ±30 artisanal suppliers from all over Jepara. These artisanal furniture experts have been working and growing together with Pijar Sukma for many years. Today, around 2000 items enter our finishing factory on a weekly basis. All of our suppliers are 100% dedicated to the production of our French classic furniture. In the long run, each of them has grown in its own specialization. Due to mutual trust and commitment, we do not hesitate to invest in them. Like this, we make sure they can increase production capacity and improve their quality up to our standard. In essence, we believe these partnerships are the key point of our success.


Our production throughput has increased more than 25% since 2011. On the one hand, we were happy to meet these results. On the other hand, this increase caused several challenges for our suppliers. Namely, they lacked production capacity and on-schedule delivery. In order to handle these changes, we decided to invest in a 3000m2  land for a new production factory. Henceforth, this factory helps us to reach our order quantities, while unburdening our suppliers. Like this, we preserve quality and meet our customers' demands. In the video below, you can follow our production from raw materials until finished goods.


Daily Focus and Priority: INNOVATION and RESEARCH

A skilled craftsman works on a sample product. By all means, we dedicate a large portion of our space to creation and innovation. Consequently, we keep can keep exceeding our customers' expectations.
product sample construction

Our capacity of INNOVATION and CREATION is one of the key factors driving our success. Due to economies of scale, we can dedicate a large proportion of our investment budget to research and development. In fact, more than 40 employees are allocated to daily innovation and creation. Furthermore, these people have a 400 m2 space available for product sample construction, along with a 250 m2  finishing factory. As a result, our R&D offers a fast speed to market and thorough service.


A worker carefully organizes finished goods per order, to be sure that customer receive the right goods.
Warehouse for finished goods