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Pijar Sukma is a French style furniture supplier. It was founded in 1999 by Sylvie Fleury. The company is based in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. The reason Sylvie chose this city, is because Jepara it is well-known for her huge amount of skilled artisans. Unsurprisingly, the city is full of small workshops, suppliers and large-scale furniture manufacturers.

A map showing the 12763 workshops in Jepara
Location of workshops in Jepara (2007)

As shown above, many have tried to create a business in Jepara. Strong cooperation, trust and quality are the foundations on which Pijar Sukma has thrived. The company grew in harmony with its host city. For this reason, we are now one of the biggest and trusted furniture manufacturers from Indonesia. We have more than 30 partners, spread around 6 continents. We sell French classic furniture with quality design at highly affordable prices. In general, we offer patina finishes. However, we also sell furniture with wooden finish. If you're looking to buy furniture from Indonesia for the first time, we urge you to read this guide.

The company profile of Pijar Sukma

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The French PT Pijar Sukma ships more than 300HC per year with a 700+ workforce and over 16000 m² of facilities.

A pie-chart which shows the global distribution of buyers in 2016
Pijar Sukma's global distribution in 2016