Best Prices

At Pijar Sukma, we understand the importance of pricing for all our partners in the global market around the world since there is high competition in each territory.

Offering the best prices for the best quality products as possible is a daily goal for Pijar Sukma Company since its establishment.

Pijar Sukma’s position in the market is well defined and understood by both of our suppliers and our buyer partners. In the respect of all, we want to make sure that everybody wins in this partnership. It goes by a strategy of making MASS production of high quality artisanal handmade unique furniture with the lowest margin as possible for every item.

The price policy is budgeted in function of mass production forecast (7HC a week) and also by controlling every single cost and trying to optimize our productivity. This can go through investment in our local suppliers, human resources, machines and also continuously research in finding new finishing method, new process of production, always keeping an eye on market and sourcing best material and supplier.

We believe that the control of the cost and the good pricing goes through our personal work in Pijar Sukma with our own energy, innovation and investment rather than pushing hard on our supplier selling prices. Of course, there is still an important control on their prices but it is not the only thing. Growing in harmony is a project where everybody must be winning and we understand that to make it very profitable for our buying partners. We have to focus on our product and pricing so we can always guarantee the best for the cheapest.