Tree 4 Trees Program

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Since 2010, Pijar Sukma works closely with the non-profit Indonesian tree foundation, Trees 4 Trees. Together we share the same goals : replanting more trees that needed to produce furniture, creating a sustainable solution to deforestation caused by furniture manufacturing.

Within the last 6 years, 178,000 trees have been planted thanks to Pijar Sukma and Trees 4 Trees.

Trees 4 Trees is a way to ensure that your purchase are environmentally friendly as well as offering an excellent marketing tool to promote your product.






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How does T4T work?

For each container of furniture Pijar Sukma shipped, we contribute towards on average the plantation of 250 trees, we replace the trees used in the production process of the furnitures and more.

Each piece of furniture product has a T4T hang tag with a WIN number (World Identification Number) in the delivery carton. When the customer comes to opening his/her new piece of furniture, they can go online and figure out the location their purchased the piece of furniture in order to help to contribute in planting of a tree. More information just click at :










Pijar Sukma and Trees 4 Trees, The Partnership

  • Partnership since 2010
  • Having planted + 113,500 since that time
  • Planting trees in Indonesia

Trees 4 Trees Main Objectives

  • Replant more trees that needed to produce furniture
  • Creating a sustainable approach to deforestation cause by furniture manufacture and other industries
  • Improving the environment quality

How It Works

  • Every item you order we have to plant 1 tree
  • 1 tree costs $1

Therefore, for every item you order through Pijar Sukma we contribute to the planting of 1 tree which will replace the tree we used to create our product

Whats in it for you?

  • A great marketing tool, environmentally friendly story behind our products could really boast sales.
  • A part of a project which is actually making a difference
  • And a sense of “Growing in Harmony” with us