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2016: We are proud to announce that 300HC have been delivered to all of our worldwide partners with an average production of 6HC a week. How do we reach it?

Pijar Sukma Indoor Furniture Factory


Pijar Sukma is a finishing factory of classic handmade decorative furniture located in Jepara, a small town in the northeast of the Indonesian province of Central Java. It is globally recognized for its highly skilled community of wood carver and artisan, as well as its strong knowledge of furniture construction and manufacturer.

30 Artisanal and Exclusive Suppliers in the area of Jepara :

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We have the opportunity to be supplied by ±30 artisanal suppliers from all over Jepara. These artisanal furniture experts have been working and growing together with Pijar Sukma for many years. Today, around 2.000 items are sent every week from our finishing factory. All of our suppliers are 100% dedicated to the production of Pijar Sukma’s classic designed furniture only, and each of them has become the best in his own specialization since then. We do not hesitate to invest for them to make sure that they can increase production capacity and improve their quality up to our standard. These partnership, we believe, are the key point of our success.


The production of our company has increased more than 25% since 2011. In the other hand, there were challenges from our suppliers on the production capacity and on-scheduled delivery to our place. To solve the problem, we decided to invest a 3.000 m2 land for production factory. This factory, together with the supplier’s production, helps us to reach the quantity order.


Daily Focus and Priority: INNOVATION and RESEARCH

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The success of our company is also surely due to our capacity of INNOVATION and CREATION. It has allowed us to propose around 20 new collections and more than 500 new models a year. We know that our Research and Development Department does represent one of our key factors of success. Therefore, we invest a lot in this field to guarantee the best service in terms of new product to satisfy our partners/buyers.

Our RD Department has 40 dedicated people for a daily innovation and creation, a 400 m2 area for new product sample construction, and 250 m2 for finishing factory.


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