The History of PIJAR SUKMA

1997 : After selling furnitures on furniture fairs and discovering the quality of Indonesian furniture as well as the incredible expertise of its artisanal manpower, Sylvie Fleury decided to leave France and live in Jepara. Before leaving France, she met one of the biggest wholesalers of decorative items in France and together, they established a very successful, honest and respectful partnership which is still today, the main powers of PIJAR SUKMA.

1998 : Working as an agent for French partners and taking care of the production, Sylvie faced challenges and few difficulties with local suppliers to fulfill the order of the partners. Then, a decision has been made to create her own factory and make sure to control 100% of the process from production until the shipment.

1999 : The Establishment of PIJAR SUKMA which literally means “SPARK of the SOUL”. The small factory was set up in Bandengan, a small village in the corner of Jepara on 2000m2 land size.

2003 : In few years time,  and with the only partnership of the French wholesaler, the production of our classic painted items went up to 2HC in a week. Over 100HC have been sent this year.

2004 : The Company welcomed a new Family member, Mr. Baptiste V. He joined the company as a general Manager of Pijar Sukma. This young and smart entrepreneur brought new spirit to PIJAR SUKMA on its path in the Challenging year. He offered lot of new solutions and innovations in creating and developing best furniture products. This duo, Sylvie and Baptiste, has rapidly created a very close and successful partnership.

2006 : Moving into new factory in Desa Kecapi, JEPARA. The factory has a surface of around 10.000m2 dedicated for the finishing process and 6000m2 for storage.

2008 : The first participation in Singapore exhibition IFFS as the next step to announce the existence of the company and joining the global market. In this year PIJAR started to open its production to worldwide distributors.

2010 : Pijar Sukma has sent 200HC in 1 year for the first time

2011 : Pijar Sukma has reached more partners located in all over the world on each continent.

2012 : After 8 years of great collaboration and success in building the company, Baptiste and Sylvie decided to end their partnership. Then, Mr. Setiawan took over the General Management of the company.

2014 : – After 2 years of consistent improvement and collaboration in building the company, Setiawan decided to leave the company and Sylvie took back her natural role of General Manager as well as Owner of Pijar Sukma.

2014 : – Pijar Sukma has reached the next level of success. The Company has succeeded in delivering for the very first time of its history 300 HC in a year for all partners all over the world. A strong and sustainable partnership is established worldwide with all partners on each continent. The Company has grown with more than 700 people are working in production process while ± 60 are in the staff.

2016 : 1st Participation in Indonesian International Furniture Expo (IFEX) Jakarta and Shanghai Expo / China International Furniture Expo (CIFF) on September 2016.

2017 : History is being currently made!